New Nissan Terra First Owners Series: “Classy, cool & ready to safely take families to dream destinations.”

Since the new Nissan Terra launched in August 2021, we meet some of the very first buyers of the stunning SUV.
In story two of the series, Nissan talks to Kritthadah (Ray), 47, and Putthida (Ying), 42, a stylish husband and wife from Bangkok, who say their new Terra is ‘simply perfect.’

Q: What made you interested in the new Nissan Terra, and why did you decide to buy it?

Ray: We have been interested in the Nissan brand for a long time, but never tried. The important thing for us was a car is that caters to our lifestyle and the outdoor activities that we enjoy. When we saw the Terra launch, we felt it really looked good. We called Nissan right away and make an appointment to try the car. I made the reservation, the same day. We like everything about the new Terra.

"Anything that we couldn't find in other car brands, we've seen in the new Nissan Terra."

Q: So how does the new Terra fit your family's outdoor lifestyle?

Ray: Every holiday and when we have free time, we usually spend time outdoors. Previously, we only used a normal double cab. But when we tried the new Terra, we understood just how much it truly meets our needs, both with performance and the various car technologies. Now our child can enjoy our trips even more!

Q: From the driver's perspective, how is the performance and suspension?

Ray: We really put a lot of emphasis on a car's suspension and the new Nissan Terra is good. We even changed the tires to be All-terrain ones, and there is no sound coming in at all and the steering wheel controls work well. We usually use European brands that are top level, so we were surprised how well its doing. Even with a fully loaded car, Terra responds promptly and accelerates well.

Q: What parts do you like most?

Ying: The first thing you see is that Nissan completely transformed the car. The exterior is super eye-catching. The interior, it's modern and pleasing to the eye. Ours is black-burgundy, it's beautiful.

Q: What about the entertainment system? How do you like it?

Ying: The entertainment system is great for my child. During trips, he has a lot of fun and enjoys it. Ray: Another thing that we like about the entertainment system is the Bose audio system. Compared to other brands, it has great sound and there is no need to add anything to it.

The couple's own pictures of recent trips with Terra.

Q: Since buying the car about a month ago, how have you used it?

Ray: We have been adding the final decorations. We are excited to drive so we can show off our beautiful car!  When we do drive, and we feel other drivers also were looking at us. This car meets all road conditions, like in the city, muddy conditions, and even loaded with people and things, nothing seems to be a difficulty for us.

Q: How is safety technology?

Ray: What we really like about the new Terra is the camera technology around the car. You can see motorcycles easily and be careful and safe just in time or use a smart rearview mirror when there's many people around and many objects around, it can reverse very well.

Q: How would you summarize your feelings towards your new Terra?

Ray: It's the answer to everything we need. Our family loves it.

Ray's own photography of their Terra.

Q: Can you summarize everything for someone who is interested in buying a new Terra?

Ray: Since getting our new car, we have got many phone calls from friends and family who are interested in this Nissan Terra. To summarize, there is a lot of charm from the design, and the ease of use and technology makes us confident.  The value of the car's performance and technology with the price is very worthwhile. We are confident that the Nissan brand is good quality. The car is classy, cool and ready to take families to destinations safely, and we intend to do just that!

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