New Nissan Terra First Owners Series: Newlyweds start new life with New Terra

Since the new Nissan Terra launched in August 2021, we meet some of the very first buyers of the stunning SUV.

In this third story, we meet Nisuan (Bia) 37, and Janjutha (Jib) 32, newlyweds, who bought Terra right after launch. They share why the Terra is the best vehicle for them, now and in the future.

Q: What made you decide to buy the new Nissan Terra?
Bia: We were looking for a true family vehicle. So we did a comparison taking into account the vehicle's functions, value, safety, and entertainment system, and Terra was the best option. When compared to other cars in the same segment, we believe Terra offers the best value.

Q: How do you feel as you drive the Terra? What do you like best about the vehicle?
Bia and Jib: When we drive, we believe Terra has firm suspension and a powerful engine. For passengers, we appreciate the car's comfort, entertainment system, and safety features.

Q: Where have you driven the car since you received it?
Bia and Jib: We usually drive the car to our upcountry home in Trang Province, and then take a day trip to a nearby province.

Q: Have you ever taken your family for a ride in Terra?
Jib: During the test drive, a few of our family members sat in the passenger seats. They liked the comfortable seating in the second and third rows.

Q: What would you tell others about Terra, who are looking for a family vehicle?
Bia and Jib: The entertainment system is well-equipped, especially in the top model. Monitor screens are especially useful for children. The driving safety system is ideal for new drivers in this car segment. Sensors around the car, automatic cameras, and other features, for example, are extremely useful.

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