BANGKOK, THAILAND – Nissan Thailand invites you to experience the excitement of Sony Pictures' Grand Turismo, which is set to be officially released on August 31st in Thailand. Gear up for a heart-pounding cinematic spectacle this summer as Nissan's ground-breaking GT Academy, one of the trailblazing successes born out of Nissan's rich racing heritage, takes center stage in the highly anticipated Gran Turismo movie by Sony! In 2008, Nissan broke barriers by introducing the radical gamer-to-racer competition, a bold move that transformed the best of Gran Turismo gamers into professional motorsports race drivers. This visionary partnership with Gran Turismo challenged the notion of what it took to be a driver, opening doors for aspiring talents worldwide.

Today, Nissan continues to redefine the world of motorsports and empower the next generation, challenging itself with a new on electrification in Formula E – the 100% electric motorsport and its extensive electrified line up.

The Gran Turismo movie is set to release in cinemas on 31 August 2023, and you won't want to miss a single second of this pulse-pounding tribute to the daring spirit of GT Academy! The Gran Turismo movie takes the audience on a wild ride, showcasing the exhilarating mix of virtual and real-world racing that the GT Academy introduced, and left a legacy on the racing world.

Immerse in Nissan's 87 years of strong racing heritage with Takao Katagiri, CEO, Nissan Motorsports, alongside Gareth Evans, Marketing Communications Manager at Nissan Motorsports, reminiscing on the creation of GT Academy, and the future of racing with Tommaso Volpe, Managing Director, Nissan Formula E Team. To watch the video, click here.


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